Brand essence

We are fascinated with the spirit of the modern woman: our heroine. She is elegant; she has style and grace; she is multifaceted, and so is her life. She always means business, and longs for an enduringly reliable handbag that’s as functional as it is chic.

functional and chic handbag

Originally inspired by and as an upgrade to the classic briefcase, each MH design is designed with functional chic at the very forefront of its aesthetic. This is the Maison Héroïne essence. We look to serve modern-day héroïnes with handbags and leather goods that allow ease of organisation, without compromising on style.

A Maison Héroïne bag is a contemporary classic,
destined for longevity

With their well thought-out structures, our bags look to solve the problem every woman knows: something that looks the part, but allows organised space for all manner of on-the-go essentials. Padded slot pockets protect digital devices from laptops to tablets to smartphones, while zipped compartments offer secure storage options and business card holders help make networking a breeze.