Finest Italian Crafts

A Maison Héroïne handbag is a product handmade with the utmost care. The Milanese designer Marta Vitali develops the unique creations that combine lifestyle, elegance, and function. She creates the detail-loving designs that accompany our Héroïnes through everyday life and lend their outfits that certain something.

Italian craftsmanship meets high-quality materials and a passion for design.

The unique aesthetics of the designs are complemented by the art and passion of traditional Italian craftsmanship. The focus is on carefully selected and quality-tested materials.

A Maison Héroïne handbag is tradition and lifestyle in one.

Maison Héroïne collaborates with a traditional Italian company, CB Pelleterie, that has specialized for many decades in the production of high-quality handbags from the best leather and guarantees the high level of a Made in Italy product. Italian craftsmanship is known for its care, craftsmanship, and longevity. It guarantees the highest quality and brings Marta Vitali's unparalleled designs to life.

Italian charm and timeless elegance down to the smallest detail.

Fine handcrafted details such as edge painting, hand embroidery, and iconic leather binding are the basis of every Maison Héroïne handbag. Each product is made from 100% genuine Italian leather and must meet specific requirements that are essential for the quality of the final result.

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