Sue Giers

If Sue Giers does skip a season of Berlin Fashion Week, the German fashion industry freezes. It is the reputation that precedes you when you are one of the most stylish and, above all, one of the most famous trendsetters in Germany. And that is exactly what Sue Giers is. Born in Wolfsburg, she worked in television before devoting herself to fashion. As brand ambassador of Closed and owner of the Hamburg boutique Linette she became a household name in the industry.

And then she went on to become a blogger and founded the blogazine "SoSue". It is her network of designers, creatives and personalities from the fashion industry that provides her with the best stories. Together with her team she develops articles about fashion trends and the people who make them. With a lot of allure, creativity and style "SoSue" is Sue. Which makes her the perfect héroïne for us.

You've been working in the fashion industry for a long time, working closely with PR agencies and German fashion icons. Have you always wanted to work in this industry?

No, I worked as a TV editor before. My focus as a journalist at that time was cinema, celebrity and lifestyle. It always fascinated me to interact with people who were well dressed or had a good style. As a result, fashion became more and more of a hobby. At the time, I started collecting brands and shopping in second-hand stores to get vintage clothes. SoSUE still benefits from the collection. And my marriage turned my passion into a job and a destiny.

What is the most important experience you have gained professionally?

I care about the people I work with and the people who inspire me. You're only as good as your team, you can’t do it all by yourself. This was not only an important but also a good experience for me.

With "SoSue" you have not only founded a blog, but also a curated shopping platform. How did the idea came up and how did you started?

To only have an online shop was not enough for me and to only have a blog was too little for me either. I wanted to do both. Here I have two hearts beating in my chest, the curious journalist and the creative fashion business woman.

I turned to my network and presented the idea to a few people and some of them I simply asked if they would like to participate in this project. It was important to us, that the readers should have the possibility to buy the things we talk and write about immediately. We then quickly realized that our story ideas about design and life always inspire our fashion content. In some editorial conferences for example, we discussed topics such as sex or travel and in the end the result was a new fashion story. This is how we actually came up with the idea to sell our own SoSUE creations, which we offer in the shop next to designers like Odeeh, Nobi Talai or Maison Héroïne. We had some moments of success and this gave us the currage to start the first SoSue collection that will be launched in September.

Thinking about starting SoSue: would you do something different today?

No, I'm grateful for the opportunity we have to try ideas. You always grow with your tasks. I still find this process very exciting.

What would you advise other founders?

When everyone laughs at you or ignores you – don’t give up. Trust your instincts and stay audacious.

Women are sometimes anxious and tend to underestimate their abilities at work. Do you have a tip for more confidence?

Unfortunately, no. That's a difficult thing, I am sometimes reaching my limits too. I am a very stubborn aries and compensate insecurity with my "head through the wall” way. For me, a great team is the best way to build my confidence and to stop me if I am getting to anxious. Everyone has to find their own way.

What does success mean to you?

To me, success means to get feedback from my customers. I love when SoSUE customers write to us about how beautifully they think our fashion is or that they like the stories on our blog. To make people happy, that's what I call a success.

Do you have a "golden rule" for networking?

Being authentic and not thinking about your own advantages. Today it's about cooperation - for me this is the most important thing in networking. Only those who have the ability to bring people together and motivate them can establish good networks. "What goes around comes around," is something firmly believe in.

Do you have a role model?

Diane von Furstenberg is a very remarkable person - she made a whole company out of a wrap dress, that's great. In fact, there are great women in the fashion industry who have done something. Currently, I closely watch Victoria Beckham. She has become a recognized designer after being a girl group singer and then a football player's wife. This was not an easy journey for her. Chapeau Victoria!

What is important to your look?

I don’t want to look styled, my look should rather be casual or even thrown together. It’s all about an effortless look. I'm a mother of three, a businesswoman and have a large number of friends - I do not have much time to think about my styling.

What do you like about Maison Héroïne?

I am actually quite jealous of the name – I mean “Maison Héroïne”. (laughs) Finally bags for us women who are in the midst of life, who want to make a difference and achieve something. It is so untypical German: it is not about pragmatism or presentation. It is about perfection and beauty. That's what makes the bag unique. So, thank you for being there.