Verena Kolanda

Luxurious suites, exclusive events, and culinary highlights: Guests of the 5-star hotel Falkenstein Schlosshotel Velden experience luxury at its best. Part of the team is marketing manager Verena Kolanda. Her responsibility lies in marketing the hotel, organizing events and coordinating specials.
Awareness and professionalism at all times is as important to her, as being able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues and guests. Finding the right balance in her job, as well as her free time has become especially important to Verena. Hereby a properly styled outfit adds to her daily motivation. A down-to-earth power woman through and through - Verena Kolanda is a born Héroïne.

What is your daily motivation?

My love for life and experiencing whatever the new day has to offer. All the challenges that I face every day, making life multifaceted and interesting. We must be grateful for what we have and be aware of the fact that we are very privileged. This way we can take the chances that we are offered every day.

What is a great leader in your opinion?

Challenge, and be challenged. This is my motto. Until now I have been lucky enough to have mentors that paid equal attention to both of these aspects. Being loyal towards your employees and colleagues, as well as general fairness and professionalism plays a role in my opinion. A good leader sees talented employees not as competition, but as driving forces that ultimately benefit the company.

Which women inspire you?

My mother who has taught me the importance of certain values, that have been forgotten by many these days. She has also taught me to stay positive. I am constantly surrounded by strong women in my professional, as well as my private life: Mothers that are managing families as a full-time job, women who focus on their career, and those that focus on both dimensions equally. We are lucky to be able to make these decisions ourselves. Perhaps this is the reason for why we say women are the better leaders (chuckles).

How do you manage your Work-Life-Balance?

Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Because my job is a big part of my personal life as well, my work life can be quite intense in a good way. The interactions with people, the creative freedom, and the implementation of new projects make my job very exciting. I try to keep the time when I'm off work spontaneous and intend not to plan too much. During my free time, I commute between Kärnten and Salzburg and try to keep fit and healthy via sports. During my time off work I enjoy spending as much time with my friends and family as possible.

What does success mean to you?

Personal success- Getting up every day being excited about the day and my job. To do what I love and being able to live my creative freedom. Being appreciated by others. Excelling. Happy partners and clients. Nevertheless, economic and financial success continues to play an important role as well.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned during your career?

Us women tend to underestimate ourselves. During the years I've learned about my talents and how to use them. I have learned how to say no and how to use my energy wisely (smiles).

How important is the balance between fashion and functionality for you?

The one aspect does not automatically lead to the other. Often times a product will have a great design without offering functionality, and vice versa. It is a great benefit when a product offers both aspects, functional and an eye catcher quality simultaneously.

How would you describe your style?

My style is not necessarily one-dimensional. My look varies according to the event, and my emotional state. Due to my line of work my style is often classical and elegant, usually with a twist. I like to experiment with different styles such as chic, sporty, jeans, t-shirts or sneakers. I enjoy being able to try different styles. However, I do not necessarily follow every trend (grins).

Is there one thing, you cannot live without?

My family is most important to me. I am lucky to be living in such a positive surrounding. My family always has my back and I am grateful for their support. Similarly, I am grateful for my partner, who understands and supports my career choice.

How does Maison Héroïne appeal to you?

I associate Maison Héroïne with fashionable, strong women, who appreciate design and quality. The bags are a perfect companion and eye catcher in my professional life, as well as my everyday life. A functional accessory that compliments various styles. What more could a woman ask for?